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How I Sold a Blog for $90,000 in 8

Enough with this domain registration thing, it’s now becoming boring. In summary, up to now I owned a domain that worth some thousands of dollars. It was short (5 characters), contained the keyword I craved, and it was more than 8 years old. It was a bargain for only $250. I bought from someone after a long time tracking it, I mentioned it earlier.

Website Design

I had done my research on the website before buying my domain (some background check). It had good content, but the design of the site looked old and outdated. It wasn’t the type of content I wanted otherwise I would have bought the entire site since the owner seemed fed up with it already. But that would have been expensive. And what I needed was a domain name, not the website content. It was a gamble though since it isn’t easy for someone to sell you just their domain name and not the entire website.

Since I have a good background in web programming and design, I did not find it hard to design my blog from scratch. But honestly speaking thing would have been lots of work on my part. And also for a start I believe my work would have been near zero, since nowadays any design can be copied. And with the many professional web templates out there with some being free, who needed such hell of a job?

Time is money they say, and my mission is to build and find a buyer to my blog in less than a year. There were lots of more areas I needed to spend my time than the web design part. I needed more time to develop content and build a large loyal audience.

So I opted for a free blogging template that had all the features I needed. I needed a template that was optimized for all devices; PCs, phones, tablets … in order to create a good user experience for my visitors. Then I also required a user comments section that I would also moderate, an email collection form, a good menu and navigation section to make my blog easily navigable.

There are many sophisticated templates out there and most of them are affordable that you can buy if you wish. Of course I considered buying one but I did not plan for extra expenses that I considered unnecessary at that moment. If the design was clean and crisp, I was good to start. After all what I was creating was not a very sophisticated website, just a personal blog. I had one thing in my mind though; when my blog had grown the design would be improved.

Till now I had a domain worth thousands of dollars and a free template I had downloaded. But my blog cannot be found on the internet. I needed to host it and add content to it. Here goes the actual real journey.

Content and Hosting

This is where things normally start falling apart for most bloggers. Most get it all wrong on content and also pay much for hosting. For new blogs, it could be even more frustrating coming up with quality content, winning trust, and thus ranking high on search engines would generally be hard. Let me address each subject separately.

Web Hosting

For my blog, this was not going to be hectic. I had saved enough money for it besides by now I had hosted my blog. Here is how I went about it:

Before buying the domain, I knew I had to transfer it to my new registrar to fully own it. So I paid for two years hosting at FatCow which allowed me to register or transfer 1 domain for free. And I sure did capitalize on this window of opportunity so since the domain was to expire in some years ahead, transferring it to FatCow would extend its expiry date by another one year.

It is not always wise to register your domain where you are hosting it but it’s reliable for most people. It also saves you money that could have otherwise been spent registering a domain on a yearly term. For me, I was going to transfer my domain to my domain registrar after 3 months when it was transferable. I would transfer it to Namecheap which is my domain registrar. I also hosted my blog for two years even though I only used it for about a year.

For newbies, web hosting is simply getting a domain name to a web server so that it is found on the internet. If you don’t host your domain, your site/blog will never be found on the internet such that if someone types your web address on the internet, let’s say , the result would be a 404 Error page [NOT FOUND].

You do not have to follow my way. You could get special web hosting discount on a shared hosting plan for only $9/year. Not to say, that you also get the chance to get a free domain name. Below is a discount link for this FatCow offer:

 Visit FatCow HERE for this web hosting Discount


‘Content is King’, it is what will get people to visit your blog. As for my blog, I targeted writing quality articles frequently and by the end of 8 months, I had around over 150 posts. [...]

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