Is Google Page Rank Still Important in 2017?


Is pagerank still in 2017 or is it simply dead? A while ago I was asked this question on a web forum. I had been concerned too since it had been long since Google released a new pr update. After the long wait people had thoughts that Google had dropped pagerank as an important search algorithm.

So for several months now me and my mates have been researching to find the answers to this. First before I answer the query, 'Is Google PageRank still important in 2017?', I had to understand it well.And I have singled out keyword phrase "still important" as crucial since pagerank was useful before. Let's find out.

Google and other top search engines have always made changes to their systems as a way of improvement. The main aim and concern being serving quality content to their web users. So page rank alone will certainly not make you rank high on search engines. But is Pagerank still important in 2017? Before the verdict is made here is what was noted in the research:

1. Google still owns the Patent

While people may speculate that Pagerank is dead, Google still firmly owns the patent. It is this patent that revolutionized the web space and specifically search engines.

The patent was initially owned by Larry Page hence the name 'PageRank". Since Google acquired it $30 million years back, no information is there in the public that they have ceased ownership.

2. Backlinks Matter

Backlinks are links from other blogs/websites pointing to your own. Some call them differently ... anything you want. They are mainly known to pass authority and that includes Google pagerank. And bad backlinks can also harm/hurt your site in search engines especially Google. So good neighborhood is key.

And the "follow links" are more authoritative than the "nofollow". Infact the latter passes no authority other than traffic. So alink with the nofollow tag passes no link juice.
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3. New vs Old Websites Differ

It is worth noting that new websites are less likely to rank higher than older ones. There are many factors that influence such results. And Google PageRank is definitely one of them.

4. 301 Redirects

A new site can actually outrank an older one with a 301 redirect code. And this is very useful when transferring/changing a domain name. So instead of deleting an original site and starting afresh, Google advice is that you use 301 redirects to redirect traffic, backlinks, ... to your new web address or domain.

So if your older site used to rank number 1 on Google for a particular keyword, with 301 redirects your new site will assume that same rank and authority.

5. Google PageRank Score Results

Even though it has been a while since the last update, personally I monitored the PR score of many sites and blogs change. Some have appreciated while others have gone down. And this includes

So something seems to be happening discreetly.

6. Selling a Blog/Website

If and when you want or are selling your blog/site, one thing that buyers look for is PR (PageRank) of your site. With sites on a higher PR fetching more money. Though other factors such ass traffic, design, etc may increase a sites value, PageRank is definitely one of them. This is evident when you visit the Flippa Marketplace for sites.

Verdict: Is Google PageRank important in 2017?

It appears that |Google has decided to handle PageRank updates under the water. Quality content is everything now. Maybe as a measure to ensure that people don't manipulate their ranking algorithms. As all the evidence above suggest, just because Google no longer give publicized updates does not mean it does not monitor and regulate PR.So is PageRank still important in 2017? YES! YES! YES IT IS!

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