Top 10 Dedicated Web Hosting Companies 2017

These top 10 dedicated web hosting companies 2017 are all purpose hosts, meaning you can host your business, personal, multimedia, eCommerce store, or just a personal blog. This top ten dedicated web hosting companies list was compiled with consideration of a lot of factors. We have gone deep at analyzing the dedicated hosting servers uptime, features, ease of use, background, customer support, cost and payment modes of each web hosting company in the reviews below. Each web hosting company has an independent review of services and products and special hosting discount offers given.

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 1. FatCow
 Quality shared hosting with 1 YEAR FREE DOMAIN registration/transfer and a 45 day money-back guarantee with $100 Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Offer, Free security tools, hundreds of free web templates and blogging tools like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
 2. iPage
 Comes with 1 YEAR FREE DOMAIN registration/transfer,$100 Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Offer, Free security tools, hundreds of free web templates and site buiding tools, and 30 days money-back guarantee.
NOTE: Wait until the page loads completely to see the offer.
 Free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & cPanel.
  Get 60% off any order today
 4. Namecheap
 Free .website domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & $100 Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Offer.
 5. 1&1
 Free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & cPanel.
 6. GoDaddy
 Free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & cPanel.
 7. GreenGeeks
 Free domain for life, unlimited diskspace, bandwidth & cPanel.
 8. Hostmonster
 Free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & cPanel.
 9. Host Metro
Host Metro
 Another web hosting service provider you can rely on.
 10. WebHostingHub
 Free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth & cPanel.

Disclosure: All the web hosting companies above pay us a commission in addition to giving you a promotional price when you sign up for their services. In no way does this affect our rating of the list as we have tried each service to come up with this list based on quality and relevance. These commissions are reinvested in the maintenance, development and hosting of this site. The views expressed here are independent and are not influenced by any individual, company, or entity. Thanks for your visit and support.

Why Do You Need Dedicated Web Hosting?

As it became apparent that you would never grow on a free or sub standard web host, we had to look for quality but cheap web hosting company. Saving money IS ALWAYS a priority. It is even now. That is why you should choose our top 10 hosting companies. As you will notice, many young sites don't take up much resources.

This is what I realized, that instead of registering my domain separately and using a "free" hosting service, I could actually pay for hosting from a reputable company. So since domain registration costs around $13 to $50 annually, this led me to look for a top cheap web hosting company. Most of them offered free domain registration with hosting. If you do your math right that would be $12 for both domain and hosting for a year.

But this wasn't the final solution as there were also companies that offered relatively poor services and did not guarantee room for future expansion had my site grown. That is, they had no better plans to upgrade to. Just to prevent unnecessary loss of web files, traffic, and hosting up-time.

In the end I did my analyses and summed up my thoughts for using the best $1 hosting services. I no longer use 1 dollar hosting since my websites (five of them including this one) use a larger more expensive plan, they consume a lot. But this is why back then, I needed to use one dollar web hosting plans.

Top 10 Dedicated Web Hosting Package in a Nutshell

With the world turned into a global village, thanks to the internet, almost everyone needs a website. Whether it is school going kids or the fully qualified professionals. Small businesses to multinationals. $1 hosting is a life saver to the small sites that need little resources but in a normal world would be required to pay as much as the other sites that use more.

So with our top 10 web hosting one should expect :


This is because the web hosting companies listed here mostly offer their web hosting packages with at least 30-days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with how you are treated or served, you have an option of cancelling and asking for a refund within the stipulated period or time.


Why should a small site or new site with less traffic pay as much as $250 per month on hosting? Or even just $50 monthly? Makes no sense! If you are just starting out go for the our top 10 shared hosting companies packages offered above and then you may upgrade later when your site grows.


I can't emphasize more. You are only hosting for one dollar, that would cost you roughly $12 a year. The cost for registering a new domain is a little over $15 dollars a year in some of the cheapest domain registrars. So if the shared web hosting package comes with a free domain, that's a bargain! For example a free web hosting company won't give you a free domain, and their hosting services are substandard. It beats logic to go for quality shared web hosting since you get a free domain with hosting. It's close to free but equal to quality paid hosting.

Good Speed

The quality of speed on these top 10 hosting packages is just as fast as the other shared web hosting packages. So you can never complain of downtime as you do with free web hosting.


You get disk space of at least 100gb, who uses that much space by the way? Unlimited bandwidth up to 1Tb, what? Free application installation (with open sources like WordPress, Drupal,...), free templates, easy to use control panels, drag n drop site builders. Simply put, these top 10 hosting offer all the and much more, you are well covered.

World Class Support

If you do not understand any bit, there is always a customer support team waiting on the line 24/7 365 days. You can always reach them through email, live chat, phone, or just use the vast information data in their knowledge base at their websites that include step by step walk through videos.

Good Reputation

All the top 10 hosting companies listed here have eons of experience. They have been serving quality with a consistency that has built their reputation over the years.

Finally, if you need anything answered just contact me and I will be glad to help you out. Cheers!

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