How to Register a Good Blog Domain Name

How I Sold a Blog for $90,000 in 8

Nevertheless, here is how I created my blog from scratch, built audience, and eventually sold it for $90,000 after eight months. I have divided this content into several parts and included some links to external content that you may have a look at. Just copy and paste the links in your browser to access them.

NOTE: I had created two blogs before this. I sold them for $600 and $1490 each respectively. I had also sold 3 domain names before. So based on my experience, I embarked on a journey that I was familiar with. Here are the nuts and bolts to it:

Domain Name Registration

In the earlier domains I had registered, I must admit that I did a great job. Because I sold three of them at over $300 considering they all were new. For newbies, a domain name is like a business name. It is like leasing a piece of land. Your domain name will be your internet address. Something like,, and Even is a domain name by the way. Choosing a good domain is vital to your internet success. So what are some of the qualities of a good domain? A good domain name should:

  1. Short.
  2. Easy to spell.
  3. Relevant to a niche.
  4. Have relevant keywords.
  5. Easy to Brand.
  6. A .com is preferred.

All the traits in summary point to one quality. A good domain name simply put should be easy to remember. Finding a domain with all the attributes above would not be very easy. For this reason, I recommend that you get at least two of the traits above. Allow me to expound on some of those attributes above.

  1. Short
  2. A short domain is easy to remember and normally gives your blog a head start in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and branding. SEO is simply the art of maximizing the potential of a web page or entire site with an aim of ranking high on Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP). An example of a search engine is Google. A search engine is website where you normally search for information contained in other sites of blogs in the internet.

    A short should ideally contain less than five characters. Like or It is hard to tell what would be about but as for, one can easily guess that it’s a blog or website about boats.

    While may be relevant as it contains an English word that can be found in standard dictionaries, may be worth more. Since it’s short, easy to brand, and may be an abbreviation of a popular offline brand. If you own these two types of domains then trust me when I suggest that you are wealthy. If you list them up for sale, people will fight for them. Or you will simply get offers from people wanting to buy them from you even if you are not selling. But I must admit one fact though, finding such a domain is normally not easy since almost all of them are already taken. For this reason, new trends have set-in where short domains are determined by the number of words in them. E.g. or ….

    If you choose to use multiple words, do not exceed three words. A two word domain may be worth some thousands of dollars depending on the niche. The more words you use the cheaper and more useless the domain name gets.

  3. Easy to Spell
  4. Isn’t it clear what I mean here? Imagine you are in a popular talk show on radio or TV. When you mention your web address, it should be easy for people to find you by simply typing your address on the internet. If for example I mean a site like, people will most likely go to another site instead. You will be the loser and your brand takes a beating seriously. You see what I mean?

  5. Relevant to a Niche
  6. I do not expect for instance to be a dating site, do you? Common knowledge should prevail here. should be a site to an organization dealing in carrots and nothing out of this space.

  7. Have relevant Keywords
  8. This trait is similar to number 3 above. In such a case a domain targeting a certain niche should contain a relevant keyword(s) in it. Like is about online betting. It has the keyword ‘bet’. Warning: I do not advocate for gambling at any cost. Gambling is a social vice that encourages laziness and loss of hard earned property. Gambling is addictive and dangerous than smoking, excessive drinking, and cheating combined. Avoid at all cost. Remember the two rules:
    a) The house never losses.
    b) A gambler never buys a shirt.
    And straight to point five

  9. Easy to Brand
  10. Fiverr is a marketplace where people do or buy simple jobs that are worth $5. Instead of the site address being or, it was branded to to stand out. It is unique and it is what I mean by the term ‘easy to brand’.

  11. A .com TLD is preferred
  12. Except for and a few sites here and there, I have seen very few popular websites or blogs without a .com extension. And I mean, very few. The .com extension still rules the internet. In fact, suppose someone tells you to visit Facebook, it makes sense that most people would go to rather than another TLD let’s say,

    There is so much that I can say about good domain names but that’s not the main reason I wrote this book. And there is just another secret trait that not many will tell you about. Older domain names tend to perform better than newly registered ones. It is not a fact you should hit yourself so hard about. If you have a good domain it will always outperform older ones with time. Besides, your new domain will also become older with time.

    For my blog, I bought a domain that was 7 years old from someone. It was not ranking so well on search engines since the owner had not updated its content in a long time. It was a domain I had been tracking its owner for some time. So since he was not using it as such, I approached him through mail and he agreed to sell it to me for a discount price of $250. I however do not recommend this if you do not know what you are doing for many reasons I will not cover here.

    Brainstorm and register a new domain. Chances are that you will find a better one and for standard price. There are a lot of domain registration companies out there. But I recommend Namecheap or GoDaddy as they are reputable, their interface is easy to use, and they have been there for a longer time. All the same these days you can get a free domain for one year when you buy most web hosting plans for a period of one year.

    Whichever domain Registration Company you choose, remember to put the attributes I highlighted above into use. Brainstorm for a good name and remember to start with a .com extension. If you search for a domain name and you find that it is not available for registration, do not worry so much. Try and be creative and coin another name until you find one that is not taken and register it. In future when your site is popular people will try to register other domain extensions containing your keywords. So it would be good to also register the other popular TLDs such as .org, .biz, .net, .info …. But do not bother at start if you do not have enough money…. The good thing about it is that if you own the .com version you could easily protect your brand. But this is not a guarantee as you do not own the other domain extensions and anyone could register them. [...]

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